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Care Cupboards

 Any student at the following schools are encouraged to access snacks or meal items from the Care Cupboards. If you would like more information about what is available at your school, call or email us anytime.

Gig Harbor High School

    -Jennifer Buys, Success Coach or O'Shea McLaughlin, Communities in Schools of Peninsula 

Peninsula High School

    -Quyen Urick, Communities in Schools of Peninsula

Henderson Bay High School

    -Robin Malich, Communities in Schools of Peninsula

Harbor Ridge Middle School

    -Jayme Lenker, Counselor and Desiree Jordan, Library Specialist

Key Peninsula Middle School

    -Annie McCabe, School Counselor

Goodman Middle School

    -Dailey Freudenrich, Communities in Schools of Peninsula

Evergreen Elementary

    -Megan White, Communities in Schools of Peninsula

Harbor Heights Elementary

     -Ann Wielan

Minter Creek Elementary

    -Harmony Armendariz, Communities in Schools of Peninsula

Vaughn Elementary

    -Kristie Stortini, Communities in Schools of Peninsula

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Care Cupboard: Programs
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