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Marvelous Marissa - Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight - Last weekend we had a little cupcake celebration as we said "see you in a year, good luck, have fun, we will miss you, and thank you" to Marissa. Marissa is heading to Egypt to teach for a year. What an adventure she has ahead of her. When schools closed in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Marissa, who was a teacher at Goodman Middle School, joined our team at FB4K and has volunteered time in all aspects of our program. You could find her at Henderson Bay High School every Saturday greeting families and students (it was a joy to see her make connections with families and kids from her school) and distributing food with a huge smile on her face. On other days she would help us weigh donations, unload our delivery truck, sort and shelve food, pack food bags/boxes and more. Marissa has a passion for making sure kids have what they need to succeed and her upbeat attitude is contagious. We will miss her and we look forward to her return to Food Backpacks 4 Kids and the school district. Thank you Marissa!

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