Our Programs

The Family Pantry

Hours: 12 p.m.- 6 p.m.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

  Saturday 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. 

The Family Pantry is open to any person in need of food. We are excited to serve in person and by home delivery- offering food staples, dairy, meats, and produce on a rotating availability.  

The COVID-19 epidemic and economic upheaval has created a serious need for supplemental food within our community. Many families have lost critical resources and should not have to worry about being able to feed their children or themselves. We are proud to distribute more food into our community. 


Backpacks Full of Food

We began giving out backpacks full of food to hungry children in 2009. Since then we have sent home over 1.1 million pounds of food! Each backpack has over 5 pounds of nutritious snacks and child friendly foods each week. Students take the backpacks home each Friday and return them the following week for a refill. 

A typical food backpack may contain:

cartons of shelf stable milk 

granola bars

instant oatmeal packets


cans of tuna or chicken 

a box of pancake or muffin mix

jars of peanut butter 



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Food in Middle and High Schools

We recognized that many of our students in need feel uncomfortable carrying home a backpack of food. To address their needs we have established Care Cupboards in the local middle and high schools. Students can access this food to meet their nutritional needs at school or to confidentially take food home with them. We are always looking for new avenues for kids to directly and confidentially access food for themselves and their families.

We have heard heart breaking stories from our students who use our food pantry to not only feed themselves but also feed their siblings. School counselors and Communities in Schools Site Coordinators have full access to the cupboards and frequently use the food to address issues of hunger and food insecurity.

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