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FB4K Programs

2023/24 School Year

Family Pantry

Choice. Dignity. Welcome.
These are words that we serve by. Each week, families are invited to choose the foods that work for their families. It is important that everyone who visits us feels welcomed and has an experience any family would want at their local grocery store. We offer a large variety of nonperishable foods and fresh produce, dairy, and frozen protein as often as possible. Over 3,000 families have shopped at the FB4K Family Pantry this school year.

Food Backpacks

4,106 bags of food have been delivered to schools this year. Each week, backpacks are filled with child-friendly foods that children receive at school. These are available throughout the summer too!

Care Cupboard

A safe place at school for children to choose foods for themselves and their families.

Home Delivery

With the help of community volunteers, we are able to send groceries to families with transportation challenges at no cost to the family.

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